China to invest in US economy

The agreement between China and the US is set to produce jobs in the coming years. A US Trade group has recently released a statement verifying that increasing Chinese companies have chosen the US market for their operations. With more investments coming in, the hopes for more employment opportunities is aptly anticipated. In the long run, such an agreement will greatly benefit the US economy.

According to a report by the Rhodium Group, Chinese businesses invested about $6.5 billion in the American market as of 2012. Meanwhile, US government data indicates that in 2011, the primary investors in the American economy were the British, German and Dutch companies. The investments from the euro-zone have reportedly weakened following the economic crisis experienced in some of its countries. Other key players are expected to join in later in the year.

The forging of the China and the US Economy: Advancing a Winning Trade Agenda by the US-China Business Council (USCBC) enforces the fact that China is an integral part of the US economy. It must be remembered that it was the lending of loans by the Chinese banks that helped boost the lending market a few years after the recession.

What China Wants from America

In line with the forged agreement, China has issued its desire for the US to set more transparent and clearer guidelines for concerns on national security related to the Chinese investment. Other requests that came in include the desire for the investment review process to be de-politicized and for a reduction of uncertainty in Chinese investors.

But political analysts say that despite China’s expressed desire to be de-politicized, China actually wants to partner with the US in order to avoid a tragic conflict. It must be remembered that the two powerhouses have long been in disagreement as seen in the countries that they take side during inter-nation arguments.

“Politicians should stay away from politics”

The USCBC is composed of 240 American companies and they believe that the economic agreement between the US and China is essential for both nations. They just have one advice to give to politicians and that is, to move on to issues that matter to the nation instead of just focusing on the issue of currency.

It is recommended that politicians should focus on coming up with reports that would help Americans better understand China. This would be really helpful in debunking myths and conventional wisdom that will help mold the US-China commercial relationship.

Politics Aside, China still Provides Jobs for American Workers

With the promised investments from China, American workers would have something good to look forward to this year. This means that even if the budget cuts and tax increases are implemented, there will still be jobs available to hopefully help out. But will that be enough?

Apparently, the availability of jobs is not a guarantee that workers will have enough to spend and save. Bad credit loans may still come in handy in emergency situations but at least the most basic requirement of employment can be adequately satisfied.